maandag 8 juni 2015

wardrobe Capsule - days 5, 6, 7 and 8 - summer time

This weekend was very hot here in Belgium, but not as hot as Friday. The kids came home from school, soaked to the bone: water games!

Day 5 - no need for a sweater, just a linen top and a skirt I made last year (it sits a bit low on the hips now and it's loose around the waist, but it's still very wearable)

A summer bouquet my father picked to decorate the table for Pieter's ninth birthday party.

Day 7 - strolling in my parents' garden.

I wore my Laura Ashley dress on day 6 as well, to go to the 'schoolfeest'.

Day 8 (today) - my dark grey cargo pants, a jeans-colored top and my pink hooded sweater.

When I leave the sweater off, the necklace still adds a bit of color.

Large gathered side pockets, which were not in the pattern, I drafted them myself.

I also added this elastic in the hem (which I widened a bit)

I can tighten the elastic so the hem doesn't catch on my pedals when cycling.

And it helps keep my pants short for extra ventilation, or to walk in the water at the seaside.

I was a bit chilly when I walked the kids to school, so I added a white scarf.

So far it's been easy and fun to pick an outfit from my capsule each morning. This weekend I went through my wardrobe and threw out most of the summer garments that I really don't want to wear ever again. I still have difficulty getting rid of stuff that doesn't spark joy, but is not really ugly and might still be useful some day. I guess since my wardrobe is really not that big, I can keep stuff as long as it fits into the cupboard and doesn't stop me from getting at my nice clothes. As I acquire more really nice clothes, I will slowly get rid of the not-so-nice-but-still-okay-and-better-than-naked stuff. I started on my winter capsule this weekend. I already have a pretty good idea of colors and silhouettes, and I have a lot of nice things I already own that will fit my capsule perfectly. So it will just be a question of making a few special pieces to pull it all together.

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