dinsdag 6 juni 2017

My Splendid Sampler™ is ready for basting ... I think.

I am so proud to be able to say I finished the top for my Splendid Sampler™ quilt! Like so many other quilter, I started sewing the six inch blocks in February 2016. I didn't sew all the numbered blocks, a few were replaced by bonus blocks, or by my own blocks. All in all, it was great fun! I learned so much, about sewing techniques, color, being creative when I don't feel like it, ... .

The 2017 on that is probably a bit premature, it will be 2018, for sure!
The big reveal!

Here are some of my favorite blocks, in no particular order:

Simple, yet effective. i see a whole quilt of crosses. Plus it appeals to the doctor side of me.

Pretty and playful.

Positive and uplifting.

Have to love bumble bees!

My great-grandmother's tea cup.

Colorful cross stitches.

A bit of sewing whimsy.

I learned to apply perfect circles on this Kandinsky baobab tree thing.

Too cute! Makes me sad I won't be having any more babies...


Fresh and fruity!

Light and shadow, so simple and beautiful.

My own improv block. My road to happiness is over scraps of colorful fabric!

Yesterday I finished setting the blocks and I love my quilt! Although I've decided to add just one more set of setting squares and rectangles around the outside, so the edge isn't so thin.

Here you can see my helpers.

I didn't realize until I saw the pictures that my outfit matches my quilt!

I have the batting and 2/3 of the backing. I just have to find some matching fabric for that and then I can baste and hand quilt.