About me

Hi, I'm Sara.

While I always love to read other people's 'About me' sections, I find it quite hard to write my own. There is probably some very deep psychological reason for this, but it might also be simply because my life is such a beautiful, multifaceted mix of people, interests and activities.

I grew up partly in Belgium, partly in the Seychelles as the eldest of three children in a loving, caring family and now live in a village near Leuven in Belgium.

I work part time as a GP in free clinic, which is very demanding and rewarding work. I have lovely, inspiring colleagues and wonderfully challenging, inspiring patients.

At home I raise four kids, born 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2013, together with my very patient husband, Willem. You'll meet the family on my blog now and again, as they are a very big part of my life.

But the part of me you'll be seeing most of on this blog is my creative side. It is after all my creative journal. The first intent of this blog is to document the things I make. With my own two hands, and often sprung from my own mind. The reason I started this blog was to find a place all my own. As my life grew fuller and busier with new professional challenges and new babies, I somehow lost touch with my creative soul.

That is where the name comes from. I chose this name when making a tree from salt dough, after a long creative dry spell. While I was sculpting this tree from the dough, it felt as if I was feeding my soul, growing, healing if you will. In that instant I decided I needed to incorporate creativity in my life if I wanted to be a good mother, wife and doctor. So I created Meynen Souten Boom, My Salt Tree in fake old Dutch. 'My' because it's personal, 'Salt' because it brings taste to life, and 'Tree' as a symbol for strength and stability, but also growth and changing seasons.

So now I document my creative adventures here. You will find a lot of sewing and quilting, but also some knitting and crochet, gardening and occasionally cooking. 

I don't have big plans with this blog, it is just my own little spot on the world wide web, I don't aim to have have many visitors, but, if you did happen to stumble into my little world, I hope you enjoy your stay!

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