Finished Garments

I will try to keep track of any garments I sew here. I'm starting this page in June 2018 so I'll start the record from there, but I might add older projects when I stumble across a picture of them.

Baby Outfit

White Leggings for Marie

Cotton Summer Top for Me

Tulip Top for Mum

Dark Blue Linnen Pants for Me

Birthday Dress 2019 for me, and Marieke's Hedgehog Dress

Bicycle Shorts for Willem, Lucas and Felix

Light Blue Summer Pants for Me

Tuba Shirts for Pieter and Lucas

Little Flute Player PJ Pants for Me

Kitten Dress for Marieke

Tracht Rock for me

I used this guide by Mme Zsazsa to draft the yoke, and added pockets, like in Marieke's skirt (thought not as big, just enough to fit a hanky). It was fun to wear matching outfits with Marieke in the summer of 2018!

Mustard Shorts for Me.

And I made the top, too :-).

Tracht Rock and Gypsy Blouse for Marieke. I bought the fabric and made the outfit within a week, a personal record, I think. (june 2018)

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