Finished quilts

I intend to document my finished quilts here. I still have to photograph some of the quilts I made.

12. Welkom Nand a baby quilt of my own design, for my nephew Nand (the link wil send you to my other blog, Liefde uit de Lappenmand), finished size 1m x 1,3m

11. Easter Mini Quilt. I started this one in December 2017 and finished it during lent 2019.

You can find the pattern for the bunnies in the bottom right corner on my "sharing" page.

10. Sheep in a Meadow Quilt for Lucas. I finished this one in under a year. I hand sewed the last of the binding on the 31st of December 2018.

9. Fourth of July Quilt . I started this one in December 2017 and finished in July 2018. A quick finish for me.

8. Four Seasons baby quilt for Vinnie. I made this for my goddaughter to be, in October 2017.

6. and 7. Two sixteen patch blue baby quilts, for Wannes and for Jan. I made two quilts of this very simple pattern, using vintage scraps from my oma's scrap bin. I don't think I ever took a picture of the first quilt, so I'll just put in two pictures of the quilt I made for Jan, in 2013.

5. Improv Aqua and Red Quilt for Toon

4. Windmills for Marieke in thirties repro fabric. In 2010, shortly after discovering Etsy and online fabric stores, I bought a charm pack of  1930's repro Storybook fabrics. I started handsewing HST without a fixed plan in mind, and ended up making this quilt for Marieke. She was almost three when I finished it, so she didn't get a baby quilt. She lucky though, because my two youngest still haven't gotten a quilt made especially for them at all (gasp!).

4. Flying geese rainbow baby quilt for Pieter. This was made almost entirely by hand (and a bit using my old Singer) while I was pregnant of my first baby, in 2005-2006. I even tied it while in labour. I used only scraps, even for the backing, I only bought one fat quarter, in orange, because I couldn't find enough orange scraps. The colours have faded a bit since then, and the baby has outgrown this little quilt, but I still love it!

3. Chad Log Cabin Quilt. I pieced this by hand while on an internship with Médecins Sans Frontières in Chad. I got the fabrics at the market in Doba, where I lived and worked. It's now so worn from good use that we use it only for building camps, or to put under the kiddy pool in summer.

2. Ruitjes quilt (plaid quilt). I made this when studying at university, somewhere in the late nineties. It's a bit worn now, but we still use it to snuggle under in the sofa.

1. Sterrenquilt (Star quilt). My very first quilt! I made this in the last years of secondary school, using templates and fabric I got from my oma and aunts. The white is old sheets and it was very, very worn, so it went into a quilt I made for a nephew (which I have no pictures of, but should try and get when we visit). I'm glad I took this one (quick and ugly) picture before cutting off the binding and using it as batting. The quilt it went into was aqua, red, marine and white, and mostly improv, but it has one star block sized exactly like the ones in this quilt. As I'm writing this post I'm tempted to make another quilt like this one, I still love its simple beauty.

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