donderdag 11 juni 2015

Wardrobe Capsule - day 10 and 11 - hot in the sun, but a cold and dry wind.

You may be wondering if I ever wear an outfit for more than two days? Well, I would like to, because I don't feel something is dirty from wearing it just two days. But on Monday I spilled mayonnaise all over my dark grey cargo pants, so I switched to my blue jeans, and then on Tuesday I spilled toothpaste all over my jeans-colored top, before I got a chance to take a picture for this blog. But anyway, this is what I've been wearing yesterday and today.

Outfit for day 10 and 11. At the playground where we went with 12 kids to celebrate Pieter's birthday.
And with a bit of luck, I'll be wearing it tomorrow!

First poppy in the garden, on our compost heap.

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