zaterdag 27 juni 2015

Wardrobe capsule - day 22 to 27 - from chilly to hot!

I'll take you through past week in pictures:

The beginning of the week was quite cool, I even wondered if I shouldn't have added a warmer sweater to my capsule, ...

... but I added my big multicolored scarf and the chill didn't bother me at all.

Still scarf weather.

The skirt is really sitting too low now. I should take it in, or make a new one (I still have fabric).

Getting warmer. I love the green-green combination.

I really like the tailoring on this second-hand light jacket. It add nice shape.
Most of the day was too warm for the sweater.

Ready to garden on a hot Saturday afternoon!

Just two more days to go, and I will have completed my wardrobe capsule challenge!

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