maandag 6 november 2017


It's getting colder. I took some pretty autumn pictures in the beginning of November, and then some very frosty pictures the next day, after we had the first real night frost.

The low sun makes everything so dramatic.

Leaves like stained glass windows.

And buds already preparing for next spring.

Pretty berries close by ...

... and lovely lines high up!

Our lovely little church (St Paulus, it's been there since the Middle Ages)

Pigeons meeting on the roof.

Grey wall, bright tree.

I love the dapple shade we get form the pollard willow in the front yard (I "planted" it by sticking a branch in the ground just a few years ago, and it had grown like crazy)

My veg patch in the autumn sun ...
...and after the first frost.

I love the color of my shed. It looks good in all seasons, here with the changing colors of the young cherry tree.

Orange and pink in the leaves of the cherry tree.

Who can resist Nasturtiums and dew drops?

Rainbow fairy drops!

A little display at the side door.

 Now for some more frosty pictures:

I love cabbage (to eat, but it looks good, too!)

Last show for the Nicotiana.

The Campanula got outlined in white.

Our insulation at work, still 20 °C inside, without heating!