donderdag 4 juni 2015

Wardrobe capsule - day 3 and 4 - cool morning, warm afternoon

Yesterday was a bit of an upside down day. I came back from work in the morning (I was on call for the night), went jogging, took a shower and went to bed. In the afternoon I took another nap while the kids were on a play date and in the evening I had to work again, until way past my bed time. I wore my new blue jeans, the dusty pink vest I made and a dusty pink knit fabric shirt I bought about 5 years ago.

Look what I found on my morning run!

A real bird's nest!

It's so pretty, all the textures and soft woodland colors.

We put in the two egg shells Marieke found earlier this year.

I think the long black strands are horse hair, I found the nest near a horse pasture.

I had to combine my photoshoot with watering my poor plants today. I hadn't watered them yesterday and some are really wilted. I hope they perk up tonight, when the air cools down.
Notice how my watering can is also in capsule color! The necklace was a mother's day gift from Pieter 2 years ago.
With matching vest. While I love the dusty pinks, I find that a more 'fresh' color like the bright pink of the necklace or pure white near my face suits me better.

I'm trying tomatoes, red hot chillies and even a winter squash in hanging baskets this year. I'm curious what my harvest will be.

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