dinsdag 2 juni 2015

Wardrobe capsule - day 2 - off to work on a chilly, windy day

I've had this raincoat for years, it just happens to match my capsule palette perfectly. I wear it winter and summer when it rains, in winter over a warm fleece sweater. I plan to hem the pants legs to the right length once it's been laundered a few times.

The honey bees are enjoying my front garden this morning.

I take care to plant mostly bee-friendly flowers, with simple blooms and rich in pollen.

My capsule palette in the garden: hot pink and lime green!

The Echinacea looks promising. I have tried and failed raising these from seed for years. Last year I finally succeeded, using seed I harvested myself, instead of store bought. The slugs love these plants when  they're small and tender. So I use ecological snail pellets one time in spring, when they start to emerge, after that, they're fine on their own.

Another bee.

Purple sage and purple geranium.

I love my tangle of flowers in my front garden.

This foxglove appeared without invitation last year, but it goes well with my palette of bright orange, purple and pink, so I let it grow. It's already seeded all over, so I'm hoping to have these bright spires all over next year (it's a biannual, it doesn't flower in its first year). I also like the vertical element it adds, since all the other plants at this time are low and dome shaped, until the Echinacea comes into bloom.


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