maandag 1 juni 2015

Wardrobe capsule - day 1 - bright and cheery summer day.

It's the first day of my self imposed wardrobe capsule challenge: to only wear clothes from my capsule for a whole month. It promises to be a warm summer day, and I'm at home with my youngest, doing laundry and administration, so I chose something casual and light.

My 7 year old daughter is taking the pictures. Can you tell I'm giving her instructions? I love the huge pockets on these pants.

I made the top and pants myself. The vest was bought in a second hand store. I like wearing capri pants when it's nice weather, but it's often just a little bit too cold here in Belgium, even in summer.
So I made only long pants for my wardrobe capsule, but I built in the option of wearing them short. On these fuchsia pants I added a little tab with button hole on the inside, and a button on the outside. When I roll my pants up, the tab holds the fabric in place. When I wear them down, the button makes a nice detail.
Tab + button. I'm getting more confident sewing button holes. For these, I didn't even do a trial first, and they turned out fine!

Hold the camera straight, Marieke!
The top is pattern A from the Stylish Dress Book: simple smocks, dresses and tops by Yoshiko Tsukiori. I made the largest size (L), even though my measurements put me off the size chart. I should really have an XL, but that's not in the book, although it would be easy to grade the pattern up one size. However, the top is a bit too wide in size L, and I would make a M next time. I had read on other blogs that the sizes are quite a loose fit, and found this to be very true!

Feeling relaxed and summery!

Bare toes in my sandals with thin straps: summer!

I also did some sewing for Marieke, making her a straight skirt and a cap sleeved T-shirt from knit fabrics. I've gotten a lot more confident working with knits, since I got good polyester sewing thread and special needles for my sewing machine. I can sew a knit collar thanks to this tutorial at Coletterie.

She's very proud of her new outfit. The T-shirt has cap sleeves trimmed with orange, and a loose fit.
Strong girl, showing the contrasting waistband. The skirt is just a straight tube of knit fabric.
Marieke loves the badge, because it makes the outfit more "matchy matchy".

"What are you doing, big sister? Oh, posing! Me too!"

"You're showing your back? Me too!"

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