woensdag 7 november 2018

Another Fox

I made my sixth fox from the pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits. I'm very happy with the result. It was the first time I tried the stockings and the shoes, and they turned out quite nicely. I made my little fox a wardrobe of 2 dresses and a little pink cardigan. I keep thinking I will make a little fox for myself one day, and make her a wardrobe for every season, but I think this one will go to my goddaughter.

With her light blue eyelet dress.

I have the pattern for the seasonal dresses, and made up the eyelet border as I went.

In her undies! I like the stockings and the shoes, even though they limit the colour pallet if you want a "matchy" outfit.

Showing her short blue textured dress and pink cardi.

The cardigan is from the seasonal sweaters pattern, for the textured dress, I added texture to the basic dress pattern in the seasonal dresses, although I'm tempted to buy the textured dresses pattern, too, they are sooo beautiful!
I started working on another little fox, in Rowan tweed. I think it will be very pretty. I have to say that lately, I've been more in a reflective than in a creative mood. So I spend a lot of time musing. I also seem to feel that I should get certain project done, before embarking on new ones. Why I feel this way, I do not know. I do know that it makes sewing feel like work. At least, before I get started. Once I'm sitting behind my machine, it's always fun and relaxing, also when I'm working on a "have-to" project. While I'm writing this, I'm thing that I should transfer my fox knitting to my knitting bag, or a basket, so it's easy to grab when I do feel like knitting a bit.