woensdag 9 maart 2016

The Splendid Sampler™ 7 - Snug as a Bug

I had so much fun making this Splendid Sampler™ block, and I adore the end result. I don't do embroidery often, so I'm quite pleased with the technical execution as well: it's not bad, even though I say so myself! Even thought the original plan was to keep it simple (just a line drawing and one bit of applique, for the blanket), I ended up filling in the faces and doing quite bit of embellishing, Barri Sue Gaudet style. Years ago I made a little 'welcome home' pillow from a book of hers, which had the same flowers in the corners. I love how simple, yet elegant this little decorative details are.

Not so good picture, I should take another by daylight!
And here's a roundup of the first 7 blocks, and my color palette, for the first Splendid Sampler™ challenge.

Only 93 block to go!
A better picture!

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