donderdag 17 maart 2016

The Splendid Sampler™ 9 - Quilt Shop

This is the latest Splendid Sampler™ block that I finished. It wasn't easy to pick the fabrics, there are so many different fabrics in one block, I was afriad of it becoming a jumble. So I went for yellows for one wall and greens for the other, and I think it looks good!

All done!

Cotton Patch quilt shop.
 I do have to say that I'm a bit jealous of all the participants of the Splendid Sampler who have a real quilt shop. I shouldn't complain, because I have some nice shops for fabric and notions, but when I see those amazing, huge shops dedicated just to quilting, I wish I could go there now and then. Maybe, if I ever visit the US, I'll see some real quilt shops. For now I'll have a block in my sampler dedicated to the memory of one, Cotton Patch, which used to be in Leuven when I was a student and 1. not really into quilting like now, and 2. to poor to do anything but drool over the *gorgeous* Amish quilt they had hanging behind the counter (in saturated shades of aubergine, moss and mustard, it was quilt heaven!).

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  1. bonjour, merci pour ton message tes blocs sont très printaniers toi aussi , pour moi je peux quilter à la main comme à la machine ça dépend de l'ouvrage pour l'instant j attends de voir comment je vais l'assembler l'on verra plus tard je vais te suivre et l'on pourra comparer nos expériences amicalement martine