donderdag 10 juli 2014

Another Rabbit

I made another rabbit, using this free pattern. I rather like her, though, as with the first one I made, I'm not sure about the facial features.

Wearing her beach dress, with cheery stripes and a cherry heart.

I also made her two dresses, a sweater and a flower to put in her hair, err, on her ear.

This is her spring dress, because the bright green reminds me of spring leaves.

The dresses are both based on the pattern for the eyelet dress. The green dress follows the pattern, but using two colors of yarn, instead of one.

It can still be chilly in springtime, so I made a sweater to go with this outfit.
 For the striped dress, I simply left out the eyelets and added a heart (sewn on using duplicate stitch).

All the bits and pieces.
I just bought myself a collection of patterns from 'Little Cotton Rabbits'. I downloaded the files and looked through them. They are very well laid out, full of pictures, and they are making my fingers itch to get started! I plan on buying some more yarn tomorrow, so I can take my knitting bag and these patterns with me on holiday... so looking forward to that!

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