zaterdag 19 juli 2014

My first Cotton Rabbit Fox

I am making a fox from the pattern I bought from Little Cotton Rabbits. i love working with the pattern. I already knitted a sweater. I kept me up way past bedtime, because I wanted to finish it. Not that it's that much work. You knit it up in one piece, add the star in duplicate stitch and then seam it and add the button for the closure. It makes for a very pretty sweater, with an elegant closure, easy for kids to dress their toy fox. This first fox will be for my eldest son, Pieter, who is now 8. He wanted his fox to have underpants, which can also serve as swimming trunks, so I adapted the pattern a little, and used this elegant stitch to join the legs to the body, so it looks as if they are knit in one piece.

You just sew through a point of a stitch on the body...

...and the through the point of a stitch on the leg.

More pictures will follow when I finish this fox. My other children Marie and Lucas are already pouring over the patterns to order their own fox, picking colors and patterns for the clothes. Only Felix, at just 1, is still too young to place an order, but that doesn't mean I won't be making him a fox, too.

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