dinsdag 30 januari 2018

Valentine sewing

I've been inspired to do a bit of Valentine sewing over the last week. I had a lot of fun, and I'm proud of the results, too!

I made this tea cosy first. It's a pattern from "Happy Flower Quilts" by Atsuko Matsuyama

Here it sits on the windowsill, next to a pineapple sage, that strangely started flowering in my conservatory.

It has hearts in six different fabrics ...

... attached to six quilted panels, ...

... and a fun double loopy handle.

I think this Valentine decor is a nice transition from Christmas to Lent.

I initially started making this tea cosy for the #sendalittleloveswap2018 on instagram, but my partner had a preference for a brighter pallet, so I sewed something different for her (well, two somethings, actually). More on those in the next post. This beauty will go to my mother, it fits very well in her decor, and she actually has a teapot to go under it.

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