donderdag 1 februari 2018

More Valentine Sewing

Here are the crafts I made for the #sendalittleloveswap2018 .

The neat inside of the tea cosy, before lining.

Winter love, for Marieke

Spring love, for Pieter

Fall love, for Lucas

Summer love, for Felix

Loop on top of the tea cosy.

The whole thing. (pattern from Happy Flower Quilts, by Atsuko Matsuyama)

Made with love

I used a blind hem stitch to machine applique the hearts on, after quilting each panel.

The other side of the whole thing

More details of the quilting and machine appliqué

Perfect framing: all my swap gifts in one picture (you can see the mini in the mirror)

I covered some buttons with the fabrics I used.

Four seasons of love mini quilt.

A lovely ensemble! I can never decide which side of the tea cosy is prettiest, ...

... so I just keep turning it, ...

... round and round!

I had a lot of fun making this, the swap spurred me to make some fun crafts, which I never would have made just for me. I always get stuck, because I don't need a mini or a tea cosy. I did do some very fun Easter stitching, though, more on that in my next post

My swap items, ready to ship.

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