zondag 21 februari 2016

The Splendid Sampler™ 2- Wings

Look better than expected while working on it!
 I finished the second block of The Splendid Sampler™ today. There are two problems. Number one: the butterflies don't stand out as much as I'd like. I'd be able to overlook that minor defect, though, because I really like the colors of the block. The second issue is more serious: it came out just a tad too small. In places it's only 6 1/4" instead of the required 6 1/2". That would mean that when setting it, I only have 1/8 of an inch seam allowance, which is a bit tight. I guess I made my seam allowance just a little bit too wide, and since there are 5 seams in each direction that adds up.So I've been cutting a new block, which should take care of both problems! I changed my palette, and intend to keep my seam allowance a very scant 1/4 of an inch.

Love the colors, and the 'Birds and Berries' fabric.

See the bird? And the tiny lemon butterflies to match the larger ones?

Alas, too small!

Cutting a new block.

I'll find a use for the too small block somewhere, I'm sure!

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