donderdag 2 juli 2015

Wardrobe Architect - Summarized.

I started planning my wardrobe capsule back in January. I've been sewing since February. I made myself six pieces of clothing. I have never sewn so much in such a short time. I bought two second hand garments, and just one new: a pair of jeans to replace my tattered, too large old pair. I really bought 3 pairs of the same jeans, because I wear jeans a lot and all the ones I had were worn out. I found a model that suits me (it is large enough around my bottom, but doesn't have a waistband which stands about 3 cm from the small of my back, like most pants do), so I decided I should buy enough for the next few years. Since then I've been losing more weight, however, so I'm afraid they might be too large in another year's time. We'll see, I've always had a full back side, hopefully it will remain round enough to fill those jeans for a year or two, until they are worn out. I have just one item I planned, bought fabric for, but haven't sewn (yet).

So, to summarize:

My final capsule contains seventeen garments and three pairs of shoes. Of the seventeen garments, six were sewn by me this year, two were bought second hand, one was bought new, and eight were already in my wardrobe (of which one was sewn by me, one was bought second hand, and the rest were new, when I bought them). I bought one pair of shoes for this capsule. All through June, I wore only my capsule, cheating only once (more about that in my next post: Wardrobe Architect - Lessens Learned).

My final capsule, shoes excluded.

  I plan to take pictures of all the garments in my capsule, to make this summary easier to oversee.       

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