maandag 27 juli 2015

Capsule palette autumn/winter 2015

My palette for the cold seasons this year is just a little more earthy and toned down than my summer palette:

I started with just a mix of all colors I like to see and wear in winter. Then I sorted them into neutral, nearly neutrals and accent colors (from top to bottom):

And finally I picked my palette:

I also started planning my capsule, but this is just a draft. I don't plan to sew a lot of garments. I would like to concentrate on just one or two quality pieces. I bought a pattern for a shirt dress and have been eying a beautiful wool Liberty fabric, which should be just right for it...

I'm looking forward to getting started! If you want to know more about planning and sewing a seasonal capsule have a look at the Colette website. My moodboard on Pinterest is here.

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