dinsdag 21 juli 2015

Creative with hook and sewing machine

I had the urge to make something, this weekend. Something quick, easy and colorful. So I crocheted two dish cloths
The colors sort of go with the kitchen.

I used a double cotton yarn, with hook 5, and I switched colors gradually, for a cool, blended effect.

And I added a big loop, to fit around the cabinet handles, so we can hang it out of the way.

DC2 (modern art name for dish cloth number 2)

DC1 Don't you think the colors an textures have a modern art feel?
Today my husband urged me to finish my first sewing project for him. I drafted and made him some shorts! I cut up a much loved but very worn pair of shorts to serve as the base for my pattern, and just winged it from there.

Front: looks good!

Pockets: functioning perfectly!

Back: looking fine!

I made him tuck his shirt so you can see the waistband and ...

... perfect fit around the backside (there's two small darts that make the fit so snug).

The waistband is just a few cm too large. I noticed this when doing a first fitting and wanted to take it in, but Willem prefers to have the pants a little loose and then cinch them with a belt. Don't ask me why, it looks horrible! But I have his permission to try a perfectly fitting pair of pants next time... Luckily he usually wears his shirt over his waistband. Plus, this is all the gather in one place. When I distribute it evenly around the waist, it doesn't look quite so bad.

See the lining just peeking at the pocket edge? Intentional! And my heart label of course!

Neat topstitching!

The hem folds over to reveal more flowery fabric (it's also on the inside of the waistband and pockets).

I'm very proud of the result. It fits him well, has a functioning fly, and the flowery fabric adds a just a little 'je ne sais quoi' that Willem really likes! I feel more husband projects coming in the future!

And he's off to try if his new shorts will sit comfortably on his bike (they did!).

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