vrijdag 23 maart 2018

More creative therapy, much needed...

I've been back at work for two month now, and unfortunately not much has changed. I'm living on adrenaline and hope, but this Friday I'm in desperate need of some quilty therapy...

Here is what keeps me sane:

My colourful hexies.
 I started these a few weeks ago. There is no fixed plan, I just enjoy picking colours, glue basting and piecing by hand. It's a slow, meditative proces. It calms me down, makes the palpitations go away, brings me joy.

A mother-daughter project.
Marieke embroidered the center panel, we picked the fabrics together and I pieced and quilted a cushion cover for her. She is very proud to have in her "room". (she shares with her brothers, but has a corner with her own shelves, little desk and even a beanbag. She is very happy with it.

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