woensdag 26 april 2017

Spring bouquet

I treated myself to a book called 'The Cut Flower Patch' by Louise Curley with a gift voucher I got from my best friend for my birthday. It arrived today and I just leafed through it a little bit. Immediately I was inspired to go and pick a bouquet from my garden, even though I don't have an official cut flower patch yet.

The background here is a bit busy, but it does show off the whiteness of my narcissi.

I combined tête-à-tête narcissi, forget-me-nots and chives.

I planted the narcissi last fall, and was a bit disappointed, because they are a bit messy when coming into flower. They're a bit like crumbled up paper when opening up. But I'm warming to them, because they have been flowering for ages and still look fresh and very white, which is beautiful in my side garden, combined with the blue of the blue forest anemones and the forget-me-nots in there.

I hope the chives buds will burst now they are inside, but they look lovely as they are as well.

In their final position on my home altar.
I'm looking forward to a year of many bouquets from my garden. I might start a real cut flower patch this year, or just devote a few square of my square foot garden to flowers, like I did last year for my Dahlias. I do find real joy in going out into the garden and bringing some of the season indoors.

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