zondag 16 april 2017

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
For her ninth birthday Marieke got a bright pink petticoat from oma Lena. So she needed a dress to go with that. I made her one, and one thing led to another. I thought I would be nice to make my three sons nice outfits for Easter, too. It was a challenge, I sewed the buttons on Felix's shirt on Saturday morning, just in time for the Easter egg hunt at their grandparents' house!

More eggs!

I think I see some more over there...

Yes! Let's go get them!

I'm way ahead of you!

I'll just quietly gather the ones my siblings have run past, in their excitement.

It's huge!

I want to eat the pretty bunny!

My basket is full!

There's one! Quick!

More Easter eggs in the vegetable garden!

I see some there!

I'm right behand you!
Wait for me!
There must be some in the orchard, too...

No, I think we got them all.

Children, would you pose for a pretty picture of your Easter outfits?

Ok, come on Felix, stand here for mum!

We're coming.

Look at my bunny! It's so big! Can I eat it now?

Happy Easter!

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