donderdag 20 april 2017

More quilty fun!

 Look what I got for my birthday!

Exactly what I ordered!
I tipped my husband more than a month ago and he came through!
I'm so happy with the book and the pretty FQ's of Retro 30's Child Smile fabric.

I made this pouch right away! It's for my daughter, the fabric on the bottom is her favorite of the whole line.

The back is pretty, too!

Lovely lining (no zipper yet, I have to buy one first).

And my pretty label, from Nominette.

I love hand quilting for texture.

Did I mention I love hand quilting?

I hand pieced and quilted, and assembled by machine (but then finished the seams on the inside by hand, as per instructions. It's a lovely finish, and one I'd never tried before).

Now I just need to add the zipper, the Japanese way (by hand, of course)

And I got everything set for another tea cup pouch!
I really enjoyed the hand piecing, so I plan to make some of the blocks of the quilt on the cover the slow way, too. But I mustn't forget to finish setting my Splendid Sampler...

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