woensdag 18 februari 2015


This year for Lent I've decided not only to fore go sugar and meat for 40 days, but to eliminate as much screen time as possible. Lent is traditionally a period of introspection and meditation,a time to get back to basics, to find the difference between the merely filling and the truly nourishing aspects of life. I find that a lot of my time spent behind this screen is nourishing. The internet has brought unprecedented inspiration to my creative work, and people who share their knowledge generously have taught me loads! But there is always the danger of spending too much time just scrolling through Pinterest or reading yet another blog post, mindlessly really. That's the internet-time I want to cut back on. Of course, I usually start by telling myself I'm just going to check my mail, or look up how to draft a side dart in a top and before I know it, an hour has passed. An hour of filling, not nourishing. So, for the next forty days, I'll restrict screen time to the absolute minimum, which is mainly paying bills! I hope that that way, when I get back after Easter, I'll be more conscious of what I use the computer for, and for how long. And I'm curious as to what I'll do with the extra free time I'll be creating.

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