donderdag 14 mei 2015

Wardrobe Architect - getting there

I've been very busy sewing all through lent and after Easter, too. Not so busy blogging, though. But I've made a list of finished projects, so I'll get them on the blog sometime, maybe. I've also been gardening a lot. Basically having a lot of creative energy and fun. I just wanted to document three garments I made.
My top, in hot pink, and slate grey cargo pants (I added elastic in the trouser hems, big pockets with ruffles and push buttons and back pockets)

My three youngest wanted to join the photoshoot. I can wear the pants up (as seen here) or down, or just tighten the elastic in the hems, so they don't catch when riding my bike.

The cardigan, in dusty pink.

I finally got myself some new blue jeans, they're part of my wardrobe capsule, too.

Notice the rainbow planters: summer here we come!

The cardigan closes with push buttons, the big mother of pearl buttons are just for show.


Crazy happy!

Marieke making friends with our three Araucanas: Lola, Bibiche and ZsaZsa.

Marieke and Felix playing with water on a hot day.

I would really like to post my complete wardrobe capsule and a look into my fun capsule notebook some time soon. I only have one more garment to make: the khaki blouse. I haven't made the slate skirt either, but I think I'll just omit that, in favor of a second blue jeans, or maybe some bright pink pants (I got the fabric). And I added a green cardigan, which I bought second hand. And then, in June, I plan to try and wear nothing but my capsule for a whole month, just to see if it can be done. I would have Willem take my picture every day, to see how many different outfits I can combine. And I would not make any efforts to get things laundered quicker than normal. If I can do this, then I know that my capsule is enough. That should give me the freedom to get rid of all the summer clothes that don't spark joy. I've been reading Marie Kondo's 'The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up' and really want to start cleaning out my closet. However, I don't own a lot of clothes, really, and I'm afraid that if I throw out the ones that don't spark joy, I'll be forced to go to work naked! So really I need to acquire sufficient fun and easy to combine clothes before I can get rid of the not-so-fun-but-better-than-nothing stuff. If I repeat the wardrobe architect exercise for my winter wardrobe, and buy some more lovely undergarments and socks, I can start to create the wardrobe I wish I had. Not having any more babies should help, as my weight is more stable. I hope to lose a few more pounds, but very slowly, and I don't have a lot of very fitted clothes so going another size down won't mean half my clothes will be too big. I wonder if I'll really do all that I just rambled on about here... we'll see!

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