woensdag 21 januari 2015

Wardrobe Architect week 4 - Building Silhouettes (samenvatting)

Encouraged by the Wardrobe Architect Series on Coletterie, I decided to build some silhouettes on my personalized croquis. I drew 12 outfits which suit me and which I like wearing.

The flattering silhouettes.
I realized that while I like wearing jeans which are quite tight around my thighs (see silhouettes 11 and 12), that straight pants with a nice drape (silhouette 11) might suit me better. But they are not very well suited for cycling, of course. I don't have a proper coat, only a sporty raincoat, so I tried two models on my croquis. I like 4 better than 3. One common thing in my silhouettes seems to be an open, interesting neckline, and a waistline just below the natural waistline. Also no leg showing above the knee. Sleeves at 3/4 length or shorter are the most flattering, but sometimes my wrists just need the warmth of a layer of clothing.

The no-no's!
Just for fun I tried drawing silhouettes which I feel uncomfortable in, and which I think don't suit me. I still have to ink the drawings, but I think you get the idea. Boring or high necklines, high/defined waists, lots of leg showing (short skirt or tight pants (pencil)), lots of volume or accents on the waist. I was surprised to find that silhouette 8 is quite promising. Take away the heavy belt and add an interesting neckline and I think that actually suits mini-me! Silhouette 6 is quite nice, but imagine a higher waistline and a higher neckline and it becomes horrible. Silhouette 7 is just funny! Number 11, with the empire waist is quite nice, actually, provided the neckline is dropped, to a nice wide V, or even a boat. The dress in 5, with the loose, draped fit and the lowered waist is something I find very pretty. It reminds me of glamorous 20's frocks, but my mini-me looks like a bag of potatoes in it, and that's how I feel when I wear this style.

I find it quite nice to notice how a croquis can give quite a good idea of how a certain outfit would suit me. I makes planning what I want to sew less stressful!

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