vrijdag 30 mei 2014

Design team

My eldest son Pieter and I have co-designed before to enter a Spoonflower contest.

Pieter's Reflections.

We made a boats fabric then, with a limited color palette.I really enjoyed the process of the design. After getting out markers in roughly the color's specified in the contest rules, we set about making sketches of anything hat sprung into our mind around the topic 'sailing'. We tried all kinds of boats, sails and waves. Then I photographed the design we chose, uploaded it onto Spoonflower and reduced and reset the colors to the specifications. Finally we used good old Paint (I haven't a clue how to use any illustration software) to make a repeat pattern we liked.

Now the theme is "Cosmic Voyage" and we pimped up an old Spoonflower design to enter in the contest.
Pieter's Space, from a pencil drawing by Pieter, aged 6.
I didn't like the grid pattern in the first version of the fabric. But since I don't know how to get the scribbly background right with the half drop configuration (I can only manage a basic repeat on Paint), I worked around my lack of computer skills by only having scribbles around the picture and putting stars on a flat background beyond that.

Pieter's Voyage.
I hope we get a good score, or maybe just some hearts? You can have a look at our design here. The contest isn't open for voting yet.

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