donderdag 1 mei 2014

Knitted Bunny

After drooling over several patterns for knitted bunnies for ages, I finally made one!

Cute pincushion!
I used the pattern you can find here. The lady who made and generously shared the pattern also has a lovely blog: By Small Means. Go and have a look! I knit my bunny in cotton, on number 3 needles, so it's quite tiny. I then decided I wanted to give it as a birthday gift to my best friend, who is a wonderful seamstress and general crafty and artistic person. She makes and dresses the most beautiful dolls and is trying to start a small business selling some of her beautiful creations. Her sewing adventures inspired me to turn the rabbit into a pincushion-holder. I think she looks rather cute.

Cute bunny!
Because she was all cool colors and needed some warmth, I added a crochet flower, for which I learned how to start crochet with a magic loop.

Cute flower!
I love learning new things, and I love how the internet makes it so easy for all those wonderful, creative people to share their art and knowledge with me. I also added a tail to the bunny, and adapted the dress so it has an opening for said appendage.

Cute tail!
 A bunny without a tail is just not possible in my world. To add further interest to the back, I added some buttons on the straps of the dress. (They're just sewn on, I didn't really make teeny tiny buttonholes in those teeny tiny straps, I'm not that crazy!) I really hope my friend likes her little sewing companion. I already knitted a second dress, in lime and raspberry, for a white bunny. I think the eyes would have been better in black. I thought it would be too stark against the soft colors, but now they look a bit faded. I'm also considering using glass eyes for my next bunny, but I'll have to find the right size first.

PS For the pincushion I also used a tutorial which I found on the web, but I lost it. i thought I'd pinned it, but apparently not. If I don't find it, I might just make a tiny tutorial myself, to remind me of how to make it, although it's so simple, it's hard to forget once you've done it, really. You just start with a square, fold it in half, sew the short sides, leaving an opening for turning on one end. Then you fold the thing so the seams line up and sew again. You sew and cut of the corners to make the boxy shape (like for a tote bag). Stuff, close and add button.

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