zondag 31 maart 2013

Contagiously cute tutorial

   So someone bought my contagiously cute reversible bunny zombie doll on Spoonflower! I'm so happy I decided to help them along  to make the doll by posting this step by step photo guide. All the photos are numbered with the according to the instructions printed on the fabric, to make things easier. 
   Because it's quite a small doll, turning can be a bit hard, but if I managed to do it, so can you! When turning the head, see if you can get hold of an ear and pull that to turn.
   It can be useful to give the seam allowance a few snips, almost to the stitching line, before turning, to get a nice, crisp seam. I didn't do that anywhere and it still looks okay, but here and there the seams are a bit wonky, and form little points where the fabric gets bulked up inside. It doesn't bother me, but if you're a very tidy person, you are warned in advance! 
   Also, I decided to skip step 11, hand stitching the neck openings to the neck. Everything just seems to stay in place by the pressure of the stuffed neck, and that's good enough for me. If your doll is intended for heavy duty use (read: children), attaching the neck seams might still be a good idea, as well as stitching the scarf to the neck, instead of just tying it, as I did.

1. Cut out all pieces, leaving a seam allowance. The scarves are cut without seam allowance.

2. Fold and press as shown.

3. Sew the ear-seams.

3. Turn and press.

4.Fold in the sides of the ears and press.

4. Pin the ears in this position.

5. You will have to fold the ears in before pinning and stitching, to avoid them getting caught in any seams. Here, I used pins to hold them in place for the photograph, but I took them out before doing the actual pinning, to not make turning even more difficult than it already is!

6. After pinning and stitching. Note that I decided to leave an opening for turning on the zombie side, even though it's marked on the cute side on the pattern. I figured that if my hand stitching to close the head later is a bit messy, I can call it a 'zombie wound'...

6. Turned, but as yet unfilled.

7. Preparation for step 7: unfold the line you previously pressed (line A).

7. Fold along line C.

7. And stitch, leaving the necks open on both sides.

8. This is what you get after turning and slipping the cute body inside the zombie body, to form a kind of bag, with a 'neck-hole'.
8. This is what the inside of your bag looks like.

9. Once the head is slipped into position.

9. And again a view of the inside.

10. The head filled, cute side showing.

10. The head filled, zombie side showing. I still have to close the turning opening, but by now it was well past bedtime and I decided to leave it for another day.

12. Zombie side all finished (except for closing the turning opening).

12. Cute side all done. Have fun!

   There, that's all there is to it! I hope you enjoyed making the doll and I hope it brings a lot of fun to your  life! And thanks again for buying my design!

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