donderdag 18 april 2019

Easter Mini Quilt

I finished my Easter mini quilt.
I had so much fun making this: selecting the cutesy fabrics, picking patterns from Happy flower Quilts, and designing my own, and going all out on the machine quilting. Let me take you on a tour:

An overview of all its pastel cuteness!

Tulip. I designed the tulip block myself. I quilted it to accent the petals and leaves, pressing the background back with very dense parallel lines.

Baby Animals.

Spring Sunshine.

Flying Geese, leaving for the North after spending winter with us.

Tulip. This yellow one has more pointy petals (in the quilting, the piecing is the same as the pink one). Frolicking Lambs. This fabric is so cute, I didn't want to cut it into tiny pieces, and simply used a small panel of it instead.

Easter Baskets, filled with tulips, buttercups, bunnies and strawberries.

Basket, filled with tulips and surrounded by butterflies.

Spring Breeze. I quilted breezy swirls in the background.

Easter Bunnies. I designed this myself. There is very little contrast between the bunnies and the background (that's the way it is in nature, too), but flattening the background with quilted clam shells helps the bunnies jump out a bit more. Find the free pattern by clicking here.

Spring Blossom. I designed this one, too, for the center dresden, I used a pattern from Happy Flower Quilts.

And this is how it is displayed on the living room wall. It's not completely flat because I bound it by folding the backing over to the front. I would have done a proper (and flatter) binding, but I really wanted to use the same fabric as the backing and simply didn't have enough left to do that, and I can live with the wonkiness just fine.
Happy Easter!

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