maandag 15 april 2019

Bicycle Shorts for Willem, Lucas and Felix

My husband has been asking me to sew him some new shorts for the summer. In the past few years I have sewn him a pair every summer, but last year he lost quite a bit of weight, so now none of them fit. He chose the fabric himself at Fairy Tailors in Tervuren, and I took the only pattern for men's pants I could find, from the Knipmode of July 2011.

I'm especially proud of the detailed finishing.

I reinforced the buttonhole with cordonnet thread.

Thighten, ...

... and knot ...

... and done!

I even added some jeans nails.

Neat topstitching.

Made with love!

Top stitching on the butt pockets.

Very proud of the fully functional fly (only the second fly I made that I am really pleased with).

I lined the pockets with a leftover from a pair of summer pants that I made for myself (from a coupon, no less, how's that for frugal sewing?)

Tadaa! It's done! And it fits, too!
 I made some shorts for Lucas and Felix from the leftover fabric (I bought about 85 cm too much).

My beautiful boys, in beautiful shorts.

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