woensdag 20 december 2017

I'm a godmother!

At the beginning of December I became a godmother again, to a girl this time. I already made her a little quilt. It's so nice to have this special little girl in my life, ánd have the energy to make her pretty things (I didn't do a lot of that when Marieke was little).
So for Christmas I made her a tiny outfit. I designed and made the tunic, knit the sweater and embellished the jeans I bought.
This is the whole outfit, with the sweater for a chilly day.

And without the sweater, the tunic is the star of the show! (I'm sure once my darling goddaughter is wearing it, no one will notice the outfit at all, because she is gorgeous!)

Front view. I designed this myself, I took a simple sleeveless dress pattern (for size and arm scythe) and narrowed it, added the fold in the front, and the little ruffle. I used two fabrics because I only had a few scraps left over from her quilt, but I think it looks really good, too!

Back view: simple button closure. They are just cheap plastic buttons. I wanted to use matching mother of pearl buttons, but what I wanted more was to get it finished and posted, so I used what I had lying around.

A little embellishment on cute baby jeans (they are very stretchy and soft, so perfect for babies, by FILOU, a belgian children's clothes brand, that makes really good quality pretty things)

The arm holes on this were not easy, but I got there in the end. I used the same buttons, not the prettiest, but they'll do the job.

Detail of back closure.

This was knit using soft baby cotton by Lang. The texture is so lovely!

Couldn't resist adding another picture.

I always add my heart label: made with love!

The whole set.

I even found some matching stockings ...

... with glittery hearts!

A little pile of baby girls clothes ... it makes me swoon!

See how the colour of the print in the onesie matches the outfit? Lucky coincidence! And it says "because we love you", too cute!

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