donderdag 5 oktober 2017

A Sew Along

I found another sew along to join. I'm still hand quilting my Splendid Sampler, slowly but surely, so I'm not taking on any big project right now. I have sewn a lot of clothes in the past months, but I didn't feel like blogging them. Maybe I'll do a post with all of them at once soon, just to catalogue them for myself. I love looking through my old posts, they are like a scrapbook of my creative products. The days are getting shorter though, and getting good light for photographs is hard, so maybe I won't blog them at all, just enjoy wearing them, or seeing them being worn by others in real life!

Anyway, I think I'll be joining the little happy sew along for an advent calendar at Pretty Fabrics and Trims. I am not buying one of their lovely kits, because I have too many fabric in my cupboard already, so I curated my own kit. Almost all the fabrics are from their shop, though. I bought them this spring, as a birthday gift to myself. I took a looooong time picking these, but I'm happy with the result. It feels christmassy to me, but the yellow and purple make it more fun. As you can see I haven't decided on the buttons yet. I was too lazy to get the button tin from my basement yesterday. I really should find a better place for my buttons and trims, but for now they live in the basement. I might buy just a little piece of finer linen, because the one in the picture is very coarse. But then, I've been very busy at work, with no time to spare to do a little bit of midday shopping, so I might just make do with what I have, and feel proud of myself for being so frugal!

My pretty fabrics and trims selection for the little happy advent calendar.
As I look at my "final" selection, I'm reconsidering the green fabric. Should I have another pink or purple instead? But then the green ribbons have to go, and I don't have a lot of purple or pink ribbons, I think. Maybe I'll dig up my trims again, too... . I'm looking forward to seeing the calendars others make, too.

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