zondag 3 juli 2016

The Splendid Sampler™ - three blocks and an overview

I've been busy yesterday and today, and finished another two blocks. And there's one I forgot to blog earlier. I also took a picture of all my blocks so far (except the Sewing Machine one, I found it hiding under another block when I was putting them all back in their basket).
My blocks so far, and there's one hiding, and two more I made this morning.

Block 38 - Vintage Flower Basket

Block 37 - Dashing by Chocolate

Block 35 - The Wishful Garden

I'm liking my color palette. It's really coming together now that I have more blocks. Now I want to sash a few more blocks, so I can get a feel of the final quilt. We're almost half way! I can hardly believe it. Not only that I'll soon have 50 blocks, but also that 6 months fly by this fast!

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