woensdag 20 juli 2016

The Splendid Sampler™ - five more blocks!

It was a very hot day today, and I was feeling bored and tired. i tried a nap, but that just gave me a headache! I tried snacking and then felt bad about not eating healthy... what to do? I tried working on my Splendid Sampler™ and guess what: my energy came back! I finished two whole blocks today, and paper pieced no less, not my favorite thing. I also put the final touch to "Sewing Nut". I felt a lot better after doing some sewing, and found the energy to water the plants, take care of the chickens, take the dry washing off the line, take a refreshing shower, and write this post! Sewing, the best therapy ever!

22 - Goose on the Loose (variation). My favorite block so far, I love rainbows!

45 - Sewing Nut. The squirrel is holding a sunflower, because they are in bloom in the vegetable patch right now. I hand appliqued, using a blanket stitch. I honestly don't see how anyone can turn under a seam allowances on the tiny pieces like the branches or the ears.

40 - Flights of Friendship (might be a bit too big, my seam allowance too scant)

42 - Pencils. i really love these as well. It would be lovely to make a quilt full of pencils, but I'm no sure I could take that much paper piecing.

38 - Vintage Flower Basket. I used the blind hem stitch on my machine again.

Five new additions to my Splendid Sampler.

Only six and a half blocks behind.

This is my half block, number 44, Stitch in the Garden.

Just for fun, my sewing cupboard, which contains all my sewing and knitting supplies and equipment (except for my sewing machine). Amazing how much fun I get from just this cupboard!

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