maandag 17 augustus 2015

Clover dress for Cas

We just returned from a two week camping trip in East Sussex. It's been quite a while since we went on a 'real' holiday. By that I mean the kind of holiday where there is a little bit of adventure and discovery. In the last 10 years I spent a lot of time being pregnant and nursing. That means I was often too tired to even think of going on an adventure, and holidays were mostly spent in a comfortable little cottage near a swimming pool: fun for the kids and relaxing for us parents. But this year our youngest turned two without me being pregnant of the next baby, and he's been sleeping through the night since March, so in April I started planning our trip.
And we had a wonderful time. We camped at a lovely little family camping, with just the basics and lovely views over the fields. We visited lots of beautiful gardens and old castles. We spent time with my dearest friend, who is also godmother to Felix and lives nearby.
We flew kites, on the beach and on the campsite. We had a camp fire! We sang songs in the car.

Dawn on our campsite.

Great Dixter gardens: like being immersed in a sea of color.

Bodiam castle.

Rowing on the river Rother.

White garden at Sissinghurst.

Cottage garden.

Seven Sisters.

Another day, another discovery!

Scotney castle.


Picnic with a view.

Lillies at Pashley Manor gardens.
I had brought lots of books and my knitting with me, to ward of boredom, but I hardly read or knitted. We were just to busy having fun and relaxing. Really, sometimes I just sat there, at the campsite, with a book in my lap, but not reading. Just sitting there, feeling like summer was enough. I did finish another dress for Cas, Lucas's little fox. In the instructions it's an autumn leaves dress, but I made it in summery colors and renamed it Clover Dress.

Look at my lovely new dress, it matches the turf on the camping!

I think I'll go for a stroll.

And maybe pick a flower!

Where is that little fox off to?

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday Sara, you certainly fitted lots of activity in there and I'm very impressed you squeezed in some knitting tome too. Cas's dress is lovely and she looks very happy there frolicking in the clover x