donderdag 27 februari 2014

Homeward bound block finished

I finished the homeward bound block for my mother. She uses a set of mini quilts I made to keep the bottoms of her stacked frying pans from scratching the surface of the pans underneath it.

It may seems silly to use something which was so much work and which is so pretty, for such a mundane and low profile job. However, I think it's very important to surround oneself with beauty, not to boast or show off to other people, but simply of the pleasure finding beauty in everyday things, like getting a frying pan from the cupboard.

I once read an article about Chinese inlay soles. From what I remember the Chinese decorate their inlay soles for the traditional footwear, with intricate embroidery. No one sees these works of art, they are meant solely for the wearer. I think this kind of beauty should be cherished in our lives.

 I should really take some pictures of the finished set (now living at my parents house), and of my set of "frying-pan-mini-quilts".

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