woensdag 11 januari 2017

The Splendid Sampler™ - only 12 blocks behind!

Yes, I'm still slowly catching up! I don't think I'll cross the Splendid Sampler™ finish line on Valentine's day, but I won't be far behind. And then I plan to hand quilt the thing in the coming year.

Here are my latest blocks:

86- Unity Star

66 - Happy Thoughts

89 - From Colorado to the Midwest

75 - Stitch Crazy

60 - Hearts and Flowers (simplified)

57 - Starting Point

58 - Homeward Bound

53 - Whirling in Circles

59 - Circle of Friendship

85 - Flow

40 blocks awaiting sashing, 20 are already sashed and joined, another 20 lined up in my sewing basket, with the sashing cut and ready for sewing (so they are not in the picture because I didn't want to mess up the whole organization I've got going for that!)

I'm really looking forward to finishing the last 20 blocks and joining them for a huge quilt top. It was so much fun to be along for this huge quilt along. I have learned a lot, from sewing an accurate 1/4 inch seam to starching, from needle turn appliqué to reverse applique, from working really accurately to letting a few not so perfectly matched points slide, and much, much more! I've become quite confident in picking colors for my blocks, and more open minded towards trying something new and forestalling judgement, because sometimes the blocks that didn't appeal to me at first became real favorites once they were done. Or a technique which I thought I wouldn't enjoy (like EPP) turned out to be quite fun.

Apart from quilting this beauty, I have some other sewing plans in 2017. One is to sew some more clothes, for me, the kids, and my husband. And I'm considering sewing along with the Monthly Minis by Sew Can She.

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