donderdag 12 mei 2016

The Splendid Sampler™ - four more blocks and a system.

I've been busy doing other things, and so have fallen behind on my Splendid Sampler™ blocks. In itself this doesn't bother me, I sew when I like, and know I will catch up again, but I found myself worrying about the Splendid Sampler a lot. Thinking "which blocks do I still have to do?", "what should I do first?", "how many colored and how many white backgrounds do I have now?". So I set up this little system:

my "system" is just a piece of paper, but it works.
 I made a table where I write the name of each block as it comes onto the site. Then I tick of the box for having copied it into my notebook, for cutting, for piecing and for sashing the block. I added a "blogged" mark in front of the number for when I've blogged it and I keep track of how many white and colored background blocks I've made (I need 50 of each). It makes working on the Splendid Sampler more relaxed: I just sew, I don't spend as much time figuring out what I could be working on.
20 - Nature's Walk

21 - Sweet Candy

15 - Family Affair

19 - Measure Twice, Cut Once!

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