vrijdag 8 januari 2016

A mermaid and birdfeed.

Although I haven't posted anything on my blog over the last few months, that doesn't mean I haven't been creatively busy lately! Quite the contrary, I have been very productive. But the dark winter days don't make taking nice pictures of my creations easy. Plus, when I'm busy sewing, I can't be writing blog posts, of course.

There are two creations I have made pictures of, so I'll register those on this blog.

The first is a little mermaid that I crocheted in two days, because Marieke asked me to, and I felt like a little project that would be finished quickly.

Lola, de zemeermin.

 The pattern is here. And then I spent some time with the boys, making bird feeders, to give as presents to the family.

They all decorated their flower pots before adding the grease and seeds mix.

They took it very seriously. Here Felix is unwrapping the grease...

...and Lucas is looking for the yellow pencil.

I also assembled a DIY set for Hugo and Theo...

... and one for Marian and Toon.

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