donderdag 19 september 2013

Drying Rack Blues Cured

I made my very own drying rack, for just 30 euro in materials! And four hours of woodworking, and many more spent calculating and scheming, but I did it!

Don't we have a nice view from the garden?

I'm quite proud of myself. I drew out instructions (only in Dutch at the moment, but I'm working on the English version, and imperial measurements)and put them up for sale in my new Etsy shop

DIY instructions, from my sketch-book

I also put the laundry rack up for sale, although it's ridiculously expensive. But that's just because I spend so much time making it. I figure that I'm not going to undersell my own time, and people can always buy the plans and timber and make one for themselves.

I have pretty laundry!

Next up is a rainbow rack project....

Meanwhile school is well on the way again, and work on the house is progressing.

Inside the plasterers are making the house look like a house again.

And the outside is finished!

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